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Money Links Ltd with company registration number: 12438783 has its registered office at 166 Corporation Street, Birmingham, England, B4 6TB. We are registered with HMRC under MLR number: XVML00000185288.


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Terms and Conditions for Using Branch Services & Ordering Currency Online

Age Restriction: The service is only available to individuals that are 18 and over.

Ordering Online:

When placing an order for currency through our website, it is important to note that only the currency listed as available on the website can be ordered and is subject to currency availability. Please be aware that orders must be collected on the same day, as the exchange rate quoted is valid only for the day it is provided. Before placing your order, ensure you check the opening times of our branches.

Currency ordered through the website is exclusively available for collection from our physical stores. We retain the right to cancel and decline orders without providing a specific reason. By proceeding with the online currency order, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to comply with the specified terms and conditions. Additionally, you confirm the accuracy of all details provided during the ordering process.

To ensure a smooth processing of online orders, it is imperative that the order be completed within 20 minutes; otherwise, the order will time out, requiring you to place it again. Should any mistakes occur during the order process, these must be rectified before the order is finalized. For any post-order corrections, please contact Money links Ltd via email.

Please note that exchange rates may differ between the online offerings and those at our physical branches. Online orders must be paid for at the branch; payment cannot be made through the website. You have the option to cancel the order at any time before collection by sending an email to The cancellation of an order does not impact your statutory rights.


Cash Payments: No Additional Charges

No fees are incurred when making payments with cash.


Card Payments: Important Information

Kindly review the Customer Notification for Exchange Payments Terms and Conditions, along with the required supporting documents, when opting for card payments.


Refund Policy Notice

Once a transaction is completed, refunds are not allowed. In the exceptional case of a refund, the buyback rates will be applied. Please consult our Customer Service Representative for current rates and calculations before initiating any currency purchase.


Policy on Scottish Notes

As a standard practice, our company does not accept Scottish notes. However, we retain the discretion to accept them, subject to a 2% surcharge at our sole discretion.


Foreign Currency Customer Notification:

Transparent Currency Exchange Rates:

We conduct currency transactions with absolute transparency. There is a 0% commission, and no hidden charges apply whether you choose to pay by cash or card.


Debit Card Charges: 0.0%

We take pride in offering a fee of 0.0% on all debit card transactions.

Credit Card Charges:

For local credit cards, Visa, and Master Cards, the charges stand at 0.00%. However, there are some credit cards that we are unable to accept. For clarification, please contact our customer service for assistance.


Documentation Requirements:


Requirements for Card Payments:

For all card payments made in-store, regardless of the amount, we require valid ID, such as a current passport, UK driving license, or European ID. Customer registration will be conducted, and the ID will be scanned for our records.


Debit/Credit Card Payments:

For debit/credit card payments exceeding £3000 and under £5000, a valid ID (passport/UK driving license) is mandatory. Customer registration and ID scanning will be part of the process.


High-Value Transactions Above £5000:

Payments exceeding £5000 will be handled on a case-by-case basis at our discretion. We may require additional documentation to ensure the security and legitimacy of the transaction.



Supporting Documents for Cash Transactions:

Depending on the cash amount, specific supporting evidence is required:

Cash below £3000.00: No details are required.

Cash £3000.00 – £4999.00: One photo ID, full name, contact number, date of birth (D.O.B), and address.

Cash £5000.00 – £8000.00: One photo ID, full name, contact number, D.O.B, and proof of address.

£8000.01 and above: One photo ID, full name, contact number, D.O.B, and proof of address, proof of source of funds/wealth.


Important Note:

We reserve the right to cancel any transaction without disclosing the reason.

Additional documents may be demanded if deemed applicable.

A customer registration form will be provided for any transaction amount.

No refunds will be permitted; refund options are limited to applying buyback rates.

We strongly advise customers to check their money before leaving the counter for accuracy and peace of mind.


Additional Terms:

Customers must read and understand terms and conditions before buying or selling currency.

Responsibility for customs requirements lies with the customer.

Money Links Ltd is indemnified against transaction mistakes or losses.

Complaints must be reported within 14 days, with resolutions aimed for immediate action with a maximum resolution period of 30 days.

Additional information may be requested for order fulfilment and regulatory compliance.

Money Links Ltd reserves the right to refuse orders, issue refunds, and apply additional fees as needed.


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